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Why AI can never replace writers?

Will AI replace professional writers in future?

Are you using your Face ID to unlock your phone every day?  
Do you use Grammarly to edit work emails or essays?  
Find yourself using text prompts to message on apps like LinkedIn or WhatsApp?  

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you are interacting with AI daily and don’t even realise it. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly taking the world by storm, and we are all for it! We are, right?

All this talk about AI making our lives easier has sparked a debate: Can AI replace humans in jobs? While accounting, customer service & sales are among the first jobs that come to mind, professional writing is another field that is said to be in danger of AI intervention. But is it such a bad thing? If you are a writer reading this, we will no longer keep you in the dark.

The short answer to this would be no. The long answer is an example that we will discuss below;

In 2016, a Japanese AI program co-authored a novel, The Day A Computer Writes A Novel, that almost won a literary award. As odd as that sounds, it is noteworthy that the story passed the initial screening, but one of the judges claimed it was not enough to get accolades. And that’s the gist of AI writing; good writing, with a few essential factors holding it back from being as good as a human-produced piece. This is exactly why AI can never replace writers.

Can AI generate better content?

What sets professional writing apart from AI writing?

We have identified four main reasons why AI cannot automate content writing; take a look:  

  • Creativity:
    Human creativity is unlimited, so AI can never produce innovative pieces. While they can churn out required content, with the limited database of words, it may sound somewhat monotonous or, well, robot-like.
  • Empathy:
    A writer’s greatest weapon is their ability to capture the audience’s sentiments. An AI is not conscious enough to fully grasp the range of human emotions. Therefore, while an AI-generated article may have all the facts intact, it will not connect with us.
  • Insightful analysis:
    The simplest content pieces are often considered the best type of writing. A writer breaks down complex topics into easily understandable content for audience consumption. Unfortunately, AI cannot identify its target audience and writes the same for all.
  • Strong research skills:
    Extensively researching a topic is just as crucial as producing content around it. The ability to gather, sort through and pick out helpful information to present to the reader is something an AI cannot effectively do.

Why AI cannot replace professional creative writers? | AI writers

How can writers maximise their potential using AI?

So, will artificial intelligence soon become capable of authoring books? Definitely, not. But being open to using AI tools in writing may not be a bad idea. You can enhance your creative writing skills and ability to form an emotional connection with your audience with the help of AI writing software. It helps to phrase your message in a way that seems less wordy and does a thorough spell-check.

What are your thoughts on AI’s role in writing? Please write to us or engage with the community on our forum!


Q1) What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI stimulates human responses to machines. It can be either reactive AI, limited storage AI or self-aware AI. They are taught to mimic human behaviour and perform specific tasks. 

Q2) Can AI write better than humans?

While AI can be taught to generate written content on virtually anything, it cannot quite reciprocate the creativity, flexibility and emotion that a human can produce in their writing. So, an AI can never replace human writers.

Q3) What jobs can AI never replace?

Here’s a peak into the jobs that an AI will never be able to replace:

  • Scientist 
  • Writers
  • Lawyers
  • Psychiatrists
  • Software developers
  • Event planners
  • Project managers
  • Chief Executives

Q4) How does AI write content?

‘Content intelligence’ is a subset of AI that helps create content for specific set parameters and industry requirements. They are used to improve the quality of content by providing suggestions, ideas, samples and editing suggestions.

Q5) What are the best AI writers of 2022?

Here are some the best AI writers depending on their ease of use and popularity;

  • Jasper 
  • Rytr
  • Jarvis 
  • Zyro

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