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What is the Future for Gen Z in Metaverse?

Gen Z in metaverse

Be it Gen Z, Millennials or Generation Alpha, everyone is expected to be active users on the metaverse soon. While this may sound frightening to some, a shocking 52% of young users feel more comfortable in this virtual universe than they do in the real world. To understand the difference in reception of the metaverse among Gen Z and the Millennials, we have tabulated a survey below to help throw more light.

Survey of Gen Z vs Millennials: Metaverse Edition

S No. Scenario Gen Z Millennials
1 Followed a virtual influencer on social media 22% 28%
2 Invested in NFT/Crypto 13% 28%
3 Bought virtual/digital goods  32% 27%
4 Played a game using a VR headset 37% 26%
5 Created an avatar in a video game 58% 37%

This survey by YPulse revealed that while Gen Z is more interested in the socialising and gaming aspect of the metaverse, millennials are more inclined to invest in metaverse NFT and learn the best metaverse crypto practices.

Here are a few general insights on the metaverse from a Gen Z’s perspective:

Metaverse Facilitates Self-exploration

You can only live life to the fullest when you eliminate insecurities and self-doubt. This is why most Gen Zs might prefer interacting with peers as avatars in the metaverse instead of meeting in person. They believe that when everybody comes from the same vantage point, it’s easier to connect with them than when social status or other disabilities don’t divide them. The Metaverse thus acts as a space where people can essentially explore themselves and fruitfully interact with the world.

Metaverse Will Re-define Workplace Norms

Gen Z is of the opinion that while the pandemic has changed our perspective toward remote and hybrid working, the metaverse will give us a chance for truly hybrid interactions. It offers a perfect solution to tackle video fatigue and hybrid meetings. With the rapid advancement in AR/VR technologies, the possibilities of how metaverse can be used in the corporate world are endless.

Gaming in the Metaverse Can Positively Influence Mental Health

The effect of gaming on young minds has been a much-debated topic, and Gen Z gamers have something to say about that. A whopping 77% of them have revealed that gaming in the metaverse has been a major stress reliever and even helped them think more creatively. We get their point because what would you prefer to unwind with, read news about the pandemic and war, or walk around your virtual farm growing plants and petting cute animals? The answer is pretty much a given.

Brands Venturing into the Metaverse Can be a Good Thing

Sooner than later, brands will have to reimagine marketing as their target audience is slowly shifting to the virtual world. Gen Z is open to the idea of metaverse shopping and trying on their favourite brands on their digital avatars. While some big names such as Nike, Prada and Gucci have ventured into the metaverse marketing sphere, there is still much left to be explored by brands and their customers.

Data Breaches Could Prove to be a Problem

With the coming of decentralised technologies that provide data ownership to the users, it is not surprising that data breaches can also become an issue. But one good thing is that Gen Z is very sensitive about their privacy, making them cautious about how they use the internet.

The metaverse is being populated by the next generation. Therefore, it provides immense opportunities for brands to utilise this space to keep in the loop with the latest trends. 

Do you think the metaverse is here to stay? Do interact with us in the forum with your thoughts!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the metaverse the future of social media?

The blending of the AR/VR technologies with metaverse, coupled with the introduction of 5G, the world is evolving toward a virtually innovative world. All this could mean that the metaverse will indeed become the future of social media.

2) What is the Gen Z age range?

Here is a broad age distribution defined according to the gen z lingo:
Gen Z:

Years: 1997 – 2012

Ages: 10 – 25


Years: 1981 – 1996

Ages: 26 – 41

Gen X: 

Years: 1965 – 1980

Ages: 42 – 57

3) How to invest in the metaverse?

By purchasing NFTs. To purchase NFTs, you’ll have to login to the metaverse platform, connect your cryptocurrency wallet and make your purchase.

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