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Will Artificial Intelligence Kill the Job Market of the Future?

AI taking jobs

The development of artificial intelligence has been of great use to humans. AI has proven to be working efficiently without any human intervention. However, the dependence on Artificial Intelligence has only increased over the last decade. This makes many professionals wonder if AI will be responsible for killing jobs in the future. 

Growth of Artificial Intelligence 

A number of sectors today depend on the working of Artificial Intelligence for the successful running of their business. Some of the sectors AI has taken over are mentioned below: 

1. Manufacturing 

The use of AI is the most popular among the manufacturing sectors. AI can come up with better designs and machines to work faster at a greater scale. This means that by using AI, the pace of manufacturing can be doubled to that of production by humans. This saves both time and money. Therefore, manufacturing that takes place in big companies today uses technologies of automation and AI. 

Automation work

2. Courier Service

Today AI can be used in courier services as well. Artificial intelligence has gotten smart enough to navigate through maps and deliver goods. Drones can use the power of AI to reach destinations faster than humans. This lures companies to shift to AI modes of transferring goods as it is beneficial for both the consumer and the seller. 

3. Automated Cars

Automatic cars are the future of transportation. While many prototypes are already in development for this concept, it is no doubt that automated cars will take over the transport industry. With proper development and progress in machine learning, the need for drivers will be over. 

4. Trades

Is It possible to trade and invest using Artificial Intelligence technology? Definitely, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two great technologies to help you make informed decisions about investments. They also help in the buying and selling of stocks. This is a feasible option as machines can predict the behaviour of stocks by crunching vast amounts of data in a short span, which a human isn’t capable of. 

5. Healthcare

AI in healthcare is widely used for a number of medical procedures such as diagnosis, delivering Anesthesia and performing medical surgery. However, patients are reluctant to have AI perform complex medical procedures on them. But, at times, machines using AI are more accurate than human doctors and can help save lives and provide better healthcare.

AI Cannot Replace Everything 

Despite the fact that AI can replace a number of jobs in various sectors, there are many jobs AI cannot replace. There are a number of human attributes and traits that AI cannot imitate. For example, complex decision-making cannot be replicated through any algorithm or programming.

Artificial intelligence will only develop in the future, and it will keep getting better. Many jobs today have been overtaken by AI, and the human job market is taking a hit. Even if there are a number of jobs that are being lost due to AI, there are some irreplaceable positions that can only suit a human. AI won’t completely kill the job market in the future, but it will definitely require professionals to upskill.

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